EUNICAST: Meet Visionary Europeans

EUNICAST: Meet Visionary Europeans Episode 1: John Tusa

April 7, 2021


In this first episode we speak with Czech native and one of Britain’s foremost journalists, Sir John Tusa. Best known as a BBC News presenter, John is also an author, historian, arts curator, and music lover. In addition to a successful broadcaster career, he was managing director of the BBC World Service and the Barbican Arts Centre, and chaired University of the Arts London, the Wigmore Hall and the EU Youth Orchestra.

Besides what he has learned from his leadership and journalistic experiences, John also talks about his family and Czech heritage, how he balances this with the affinity for his adopted country of the UK, and how to this day he’s kept a sense of what it means to be European despite the turbulence of Brexit.

Presented by Joe Lynam

Running Time: 39 minutes

This episode was kindly supported by the Czech Centre.

EUNICAST: Meet Visionary Europeans is a brand new podcast where we catch up with some of Europe’s most talented and respected artists, performers and influencers, and get their opinions on the arts and current affairs as well as their life stories and artistic influences.

EUNICAST has been prepared by EUNIC London under the leadership of the Czech Centre.  EUNIC stands for the European Union National Institutes for Culture and its goal is to share knowledge and resources in order to promote greater cooperation and develop cultural partnerships between European nations and UK organisations. EUNIC London is a network of cultural institutes and embassies of EU member states based in London.

About the EUNICAST: Meet Visionary Europeans

Premysl Pela, initiator and leader of the EUNICAST podcast series

Director of the Czech Centre and co-President of EUNIC London

 “The Meet Visionary Europeans podcast series has been on my mind for some time and the execution of Brexit and the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic has just expedited my decision to go ahead with the project. The main objective of the podcast series was to enrich and uplift our spirits through positive and inspirational testimonies and personal life stories of some of the most accomplished personalities, European and British visionaries, as well as to address and debate most pressing issues of our current and in many respects historical times”.

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